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The following
information is supplied to you for your protection and to provide you with
many years of trouble free and safe operation of your Marathon Special Products components.
Devices sold by Marathon Special Products provide for interconnection of electrical circuits and as
suchare, or canbe, pointsof liveelectrical contact. It is the responsibilityof theBuyer or user toensure
through the use of enclosures, insulation, engineering controls, or other means in the application,
that the wiring device is protected from intentional or accidental contact in an energized condition.
Failure to do so can create the potential for electrical shock and associated serious injury.
Only qualified personnel should install and troubleshoot electrical products due to the potential
for serious injury related to electrical shock. Make certain that the power supply is disconnected
and/or locked out before attempting to install, remove or service components.
Connection tightness is critical to electrical performance. Buyer, user, or installer must always
ensure that the proper screw torque is applied and maintained.
Buyer or user must ensure that proper clearances are maintained between energized electrical
components and all other devices including but not limited to the enclosure and mounting
Install and ground per local and national code.
Buyer shall be solely responsible for determining the adequacy of the product for any and all uses to
which Buyer shall apply the product. Buyer must ensure that the application of the device conforms
to all standards, codes, policies or practices that govern or apply to their equipment or application.
meet the standards noted in theengineering catalog, with specific suitability of useand restrictions as
noted in the appropriate agency files. The application by Buyer shall not be subject to any implied
warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
Products in this catalog are tested and listed with various standards agencies. They will meet or
exceedall performanceguidelinesas testedandqualified. Buyer or usermust check that applications
do not exceed rated capacities of voltage and amperage and that appropriate wiring practices are
Products are intended for use in an “as sold” condition. Modification of components can affect
performance and ratings and subsequently the safety of the component system. Buyer or user
assumes liability for component modification.
Electrical products in this catalog are designed for use in appropriate enclosures. Buyer or user
is responsible to ensure that appropriate environmental control is designed into the application.
In the event of the resale of any goods, in whatever form, Resellers/Buyers will include the following language in a conspicuous
place and in a conspicuous manner in a written agreement covering such sale:
The manufacturer makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, as to the
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the goods sold hereunder. Buyer acknowledges that it alone has
determined the goods purchased hereunder will suitably meet the requirements of their intended use. In no event will the
manufacturer be liable for consequential, incidental or other damages. Even if the repair or replacement remedy shall
be deemed to have failed of its essential purpose under section 2-719 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the manufac-
turer shall have no liability to Buyer for consequential damages.
Resellers/Buyers agree to also include this entire document including the dangers,warnings and cautions listed above in a
conspicuous place and in a conspicuous manner in writing to instruct users on the safe usage of the product.
This information should be read together with all other printed information supplied by Marathon Special Products.
For more information contact: Marathon Special Products, Subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation, 13300 Van Camp Road,
Bowling Green, OH. 43402, Phone: 419-352-8441, Fax: 419-352-0875, Website: